Violin Competition

05.06.2021. - 10.06.2021.

Ludmilla Weiser

Ludmilla Weiser

...each violin has it's secret and, as you may see, only in the artist's hands does the secret of the violin transforms into a riddle even more mysterious, because the player's hand is a powerful force, conveying heartbeat, and flickering of the nerves into strings...

Miroslav Krleža: "Zastave"


Ludmilla Aloysia Weiser was born 9th of August 1847. in Zagreb. Her father was renowned master luthier Ivan Nepomuk Weiser, one of the first professional luthiers in Zagreb. Because of his quality tamburas Franjo Ks. Kuhač called him „Amatti of tambura”, and is important to notice that he was one of the earliest in Zagreb who created, maintained and repaired the instruments of HGZ. In 1856. Ludmilla started attending classes of Antun Schwarz at the Musical school of HGZ. She displayed exceptional skill and talent already at the pupil productions, which made her known to the wider audience as musical artist. Compositions of Antun Schwarz which were dedicated to Ludmilla bear testament to her immense talent.

Photo by Carsten Kohler from Pexels
Photo by Jonas Togo from Pexels



Precategory A
Competitors born in 2014 and younger
Two compositions of your choice up to 5 minutes
Precategory B
Competitors born in 2012 and younger
Two compositions of your choice up to 5 minutes
Category 1
Competitors born in 2011
Two compositions of your choice up to 7 minutes
Category 2
Competitors born in 2010
Two compositions of your choice up to 9 minutes
Category 3
Competitors born in 2009
Two compositions of your choice up to 11 minutes
Category 4
Competitors born in 2008
Two compositions of your choice up to 13 minutes
Category 5
Competitors born in 2007
Two compositions of your choice up to 15 minutes
Category 6
Competitors born in 2006
Two compositions of your choice up to 17 minutes
Category 7
Competitors born in 2004 and younger
Program of your choice up to 20 minutes
Category 8
Competitors born in 2002 and younger
Program of your choice up to 25 minutes
Precategory A i B - 35 €
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th category - 35€
5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th category - 40 €

The registration fee is to be paid to the account:
Zagrebačka banka d.d.
Trg bana Jelačića 10
10000 Zagreb
In case of cancellation of the candidate, the registration fee is not refundable.


Ana Veskov

Ana Veskov

Ana Veskov was born and raised in Belgrade. She finished Primary music school “Mokranjac” in the class of prof. Vlajko Savković, and she graduated from Musical High School “Stanković” in Belgrade, in the class of prof. Olga Bešević. Having successfully passed three entrance examinations for full-time studies in Belgrade, Sofia and Russia, she decided to continue further education in Leningrad, modern St. Petersburg, city which was celebrated by some of the most famous global musicians, writers and painters…
Myroslava Kotorovych

Myroslava Kotorovych

Myroslava Kotorovych was born in Kyiv in a family of musicians: the outstanding violinist Bohodar Kotorovych and harpist Natalia Kmet. She graduated from Kyiv Specialized Secondary Music boarding school named after M. V. Lysenko, the National Music Academy of Ukraine . Myroslava considers her ten-year concert activity as a member of Gidon Kremer's chamber orchestra "Kremerata Baltica" to be her "practical European conservatory".
Lidija Bobić

Lidija Bobić

Lidija Bobić was born in Varaždin, where she graduated from Musical Secondary School. She continues her education on the National Conservatory „P.I. Tchaikovsky” in Kyev, Ukraine, in the class of prof. Taras Pecheny, who introduces her with the Russian violin school and work of prof. Yuri Jankeleyevich, one of the most eminent violin pedagogues of Moscow. She graduated in 1994. in the class of prof. Igor Andrievsky. During her studies she attended the classes of pedagogy practice.